About us

KAIRI - aam ki kairi - that’s how we have to explain our name to most people.

KAIRI - the unassuming paisley that is so integral to all art forms from our part of the world. You will spot the Kairi from cuisines to architecture - and yes most certainly in couture.

And it is this unassuming beauty of the Kairi - that is so synonymous of our artisans, our fabrics, our crafts and our people that we pay homage to at KAIRI.

We prefer to work with locally produced fabric manufactured at local power or hand looms.

All kairi pieces are block printed by hand, and like all block prints the colors are also mixed and matched by hand.

Notwithstanding our ready to wear and pret line, every Kairi outfit is a bespoke piece, made specially for the person who ordered it. 

Like all handmade items - your Kairi outfits will ask for you care and love so you may enjoy their timeless beauty season after season.